A good worming routine is essential for your Eckie. Internal parasites weaken a parrot, leaving them unwell and susceptible to illness. If left untreated, the parrot's health will continue to deteriorate. Severe worm infestations can result in death.

We must regularly worm our Eckies even if they have no direct contact with outside birds. Feces from wild birds may contain worm eggs-which if ingested, will hatch in the parrot's digestive tract. Feces can be found on natural perch branches and tracked into the house on our shoes. Our kids can inadvertently consume contaminated feces while playing on the ground or moving around their cage.

We use Avitrol Plus™ and Wormout Gel™ and alternate between them every three months. They are broad-spectrum wormers that are added to the Eckies water. Our kids don't mind drinking their worming medicine.

Worming tips


Worm infestations are commonly related to poor cage or aviary hygiene. Ensure that you thoroughly clean your Eckies cage on a regular basis, especially come worming time. Take the cage outside and hose it down thoroughly to remove all fecal matter. If this is not done, the Eckie will quickly become re-infected with worms via their droppings.

Signs of worm infestation:

Use a broad-spectrum bird wormer that treats the following parasites:


Eckies are prone to lice infestations and they must be treated as a preventative measure. Transmission is often from wild birds. Mites and lice are bloodsucking parasites. They cause irritation to our parrots skin and in severe cases, anemia.

Routinely spray your Eckie with a good quality avian lice and mite spray. It is essential to clean your Eckie's cage, toys, play stand etc. at the same time to prevent re-infestation.

Remove food and water bowls and wash the cage, toys and play stand thoroughly. Once dry, spray with an avian lice and mite spray. Let this sit for an hour and then wipe down the cage to remove excess spray.

Always follow manufacturers directions, and if in doubt, seek the advice of your avian vet.