Lost Eclectus Parrot – Please help us find Jax [UPDATE – FOUND!]

missing eclectus male

Last night at approximately 6:30pm Jax flew out of his owners house and is missing. If you live in the Milton area around Carriage Way in New South Wales, please be on the lookout for a 2 year old Eclectus Male named Jax.

[update 26/8/13] Jax has been found! Jax flew onto a mans shoulder roughly about 6km away from his home. A lot of thanks goes to the gentleman who helped return Jax to his happy home.

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Jason Badham

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Since 2008, I have been a proud Eclectus owner and have had a passion for these unique parrots. During an exhaustive search for reliable information about Eclectus Parrots, I met Kirsten who specialises in Eclectus. The depth of her knowledge and willingness to share this greatly impressed me. Shortly thereafter, we both began working on her website together in a concerted effort to help spread her valuable experience as far as we can.

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