Lost eclectus parrot – NSW (Merimbula New South Wales)


One of my wonderful clients has lost their beloved eclectus parrot, the back door blew open in a gust of wind and Mango accidentally escaped. He has only just recently started flying due to his wings being trimmed as a baby so he will be scared and missing his family terribly.

He is a much loved family member and is desperately missed by his Mum, Dad and two sisters. He answers to the name of Mango.

If anyone has seen our Mango, please contact Parrot Haven on 0477550345

His family miss him so badly and just want their boy home.

Mango has been missing since 29/12/2011

Lost Eclectus Parrot - desperately missed by his family

Gorgeous trusting Mango, he will be scared and will just want to be home with his loving family...

Thank you

Kirsten – Parrot Haven

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