Gorgeous hand-raised Eclectus Parrot baby for sale

Our Eclectus parents have been busy this past couple of months and as a result we have some beautiful baby Eclectus Parrots for available sale.

Eclectus baby parrot

This gorgeous baby Eclectus is awaiting his new home!

At Parrot Haven, we’ve been breeding Eclectus Parrots for over 11 years now and have built a reputation for hand-raising gorgeous natured, extremely healthy parrots with vibrant personalities. This baby boy pictured above is a baby of Cletus and Lez – two very sweet natured Eccy’s. Cletus is a very curious, very funny, talkative male Eclectus that loves to be with you. He earned the nickname ‘velcro bird’ very early and all of Cletus’s boys have the same loveable nature. Lez, is a beautiful Eccy hen with a loving personality. She’s extremely smart and an excellent mum. Balanced with Cletus’s personality, their babies have the reputation for being absolutely loveable and goofy – especially their baby boys!

All babies sold are been born here at Parrot Haven, we know the personalities of each of our babies parents, this is very important when purchasing a companion parrot. We are a closed aviary and we do not take in outside eclectus and raise them as our own.

If you are interested in become a Parrot Haven baby owner, please email me to organise a time to chat over the phone. I match all my kids with the perfect homes as every one of my kids is different and care needs to be taken so both our parrots and clients are 100% happy with their new baby.


Join our forum to meet other Parrot Haven baby owners, chat to them about what its like to own an Eclectus Parrot and see our Testimonial Page on our website to hear our success stories.

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