Eclectus Parrots – How Do You Source Reliable Information?

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of people with their questions on Eclectus Parrots. Everything ranging from Eclectus diets and behaviour to hormones and emergency care. Having bred Eclectus for over 11 years now, Kirsten has a unique perspective that  has proven invaluable to not only Parrot Haven clients, but for people  all over the world.

The internet is rife with “info” about Eclectus Parrots-and some of it is even true. Don’t always believe what you read. That is sound advice especially in the copy+paste internet age where bad advice can spread like a wildfire. Information repeated has the tendency to become fact when it shouldn’t. Accurate information is extremely important especially when the difference can mean life or death for your precious bird.

If you can’t get an impression of the person providing advice on their own website, chances are there is a reason for that. Be careful. People experienced in a breed of parrot are easily identifiable

Where to go for advice?
The responsibility for gleaning sound advice rests on your shoulders. Do your homework. Before taking anyone’s word for it-find out who they are. There are a lot of websites on Eclectus Parrots but sadly many of them plagiarise information in the attempt to sound like an authority when they are really nothing more than hobbyists who are ill-equipped to provide sound follow-up advice. There is nothing wrong with being a parrot lover and wanting to help, but often when people have to make someone else’s work look like their own, information becomes distorted. Suddenly advice on where to place your new Eckie’s cage goes from ‘a quiet area of the house’ (which is sound advice) to ‘a busy area of the house’ (which is not sound advice).

If you can’t get an impression of the person providing advice on their own website, chances are there is a reason for that. Be careful. People experienced in a breed of parrot are easily identifiable. Take a quick tour of any breeder’s website and get a feel for who they are. If you have trouble doing that then you should probably move on.

What makes good advice?
When Kirsten is approached by a parrot lover in need of help, she not only provides advice, but she explains the reasoning behind the advice. This is extremely beneficial for two reasons. First, it helps people understand the difference between the alternatives – why one method is better than the other. Secondly, it helps make advice memorable. People remember information that they understand.

When people have questions about why their Eclectus is behaving differently, Kirsten is able to explain the various phases of development that all Eclectus parrots have. She is able to do this because she has bred them for over 11 years and keeps companion Eclectus as well.

Help spread good information
For as efficient as the internet is for spreading misleading advice, it can be a wonderful tool for delivering good information too. Back when we setup our first website, our goal was just that – to help dispel so many of the myths about Eclectus parrots and educate people on the best ways to care for them. We have been elated to have helped several people reunite with their lost parrots through our blog. The Parrot Chatter forum that we setup two years ago has also been a fun way for us to keep in contact with our wonderful clients and other parrot lovers we’ve had the honour to meet.

We are working hard to help get the right information out there. The best way to help is to arm yourself with the right advice and repeat it. Information that is repeated has a habit of becoming fact and when it’s the right information then everyone wins – especially our Eckies!

Eclectus Parrots for Sale

Parrot Haven kids in their new home


Here at Parrot Haven we love to keep in contact with our lovely clients long after our babies have flown the coop. We have set up our own  forum to enable us to do this many members of our Parrot Haven family use this forum “Parrot Chatter’ daily to share stories, photos and their life with their spoilt kids.

Gorgeous Jax enjoying a day at the beach


Sweet Ollie playing with his brothers


Mango enjoying his night time story with his sister

Rock me to sleep daddy!


Gorgeous Tilly in her Pack O Bird

Jax and Zen, like an old married couple taking a stroll on the beach . . .

Here at Parrot Haven we pride ourselves on raising the most confident, healthy and happy companion Eclectus possible. We have been breeding Eclectus for over a decade and have carefully chosen our eccy pairs for their personality and temperament which is passed on to their babies. We take great pride and care in matching each of our babies with their perfect owners getting to know our clients before we choose their perfect feathered kid.

Take a look at our forum to see more photos of our Parrot Haven babies and learn what it is like to share your lives with these amazing parrots.

Eclectus Hens for sale

Introducing Chloe – Parrot Havens gorgeous baby !

Chloe is staying here at Parrot Haven. After many years providing my wonderful clients with gorgeous hand raised Eclectus, we finally decided its time to keep one as one of our own . . . So Chloe is staying right here at Parrot Haven, our official little mascot !

Jasons stunning Chloe girl

Chloe being preened by Miko

Hand Raised Eclectus Parrots

Meet gorgeously adorable ‘Miko’ our little stunner !

Such a stunning little girl with a personality to match

Picture Perfect !

Miko snuggling into our little baby Chloe

Harness trained Eclectus Parrots for sale

Meet Chico – Kelly’s gorgeously adorable baby eclectus !

Our Chico baby - such a spunky little man

Chico and Miko - posing perfectly together

Chico and Miko again - our little lovebirds

Female Eclectus Parrots for sale

Blue looking absolutely adorable !

Blue rocking the drowned rat look !

Chloe and Blue - firm friends

Baby Eclectus Parrots

Shower time again !!!

Our kids love their showers and blow dry’s . . . . its a hard life being a Parrot Haven Eccy !!!

Our babies enjoying their showers - little water babies they are 😉

Don't mind the camera fogging up - you get the idea thou, water play = fun !!

My Parrot keeps BITING me! Please help!

We recently had a great discussion in the Parrot Chatter forum about the biting habits of Parrots. Feel free to click on the link below to view the forum thread and as always, if you’d like to join the discussion you can register here. Enjoy!